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As the leading installer of solar panel systems and EV chargers in Phoenix, Black Platinum Solar and Electric stands out for its exceptional service and unmatched expertise. We have transformed countless homes into models of whole-home electrification, enabling our clients to enjoy the full benefits of clean, renewable energy. Our team is passionately dedicated to providing solutions that are not just innovative but also practical and efficient.

From the initial consultation to the final installation, we focus on delivering personalized solutions that optimize energy usage and maximize savings. With Black Platinum Solar and Electric, you’re not just upgrading your home but setting a standard for sustainable living in the Phoenix community. Read reviews from other satisfied homeowners living independently of Arizona’s power grid.

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Solar & EV Charger Installation Reviews from Phoenix Homes

What more can one expect from a family-owned local solar company where expertise is alive along with a quality installation?

From the very beginning with David and John along with Damian, we were treated with professionalism! I shared our experience with our neighbor and challenged him to assess our quality installation and compare it with other solar company installations in our neighborhood. This validated his decision! This was a no-brainer as he confidently chose Black Platinum!

Rick Rico
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Black Platinum.

We originally spoke to several solar companies. John at Black Platinum was by far the best product and the best install. Pricing was very competitive, and they explained every step of the contract and install. Wiring for the solar is run in the attic and through the walls, so no ugly conduit on the exterior. The crews arrived on time were extremely professional and courteous. John was instrumental in rectifying a few old permit issues with the city, that impacted permitting on the solar. All in all, a GREAT experience.

Mike Hoffman
Very well oiled machine they have going on there.

From the beginning the salesperson David was very helpful and educational. He was not pushy and merely wanted to show the value of the company. They were not the cheapest quote I got but provided the best quality of hardware and installation. Anything cheaper would have meant lower quality parts or missing pieces of work. Their team was very fast and the installation was clean. They are authorized installers of Panasonic and Enphase which was important to me since that was the hardware combo I wanted to go with. Communication was very well every step of the way. I don’t think anyone in Phoenix could do the work any better. I will highly recommend them to anyone looking for solar in the Phoenix area! Just reach out to them and they’ll be able to explain to you why they’re the best.

Roupen Mouradian
I was very pleased with Black Platinum Solar and Electric.

I had been looking for months for someone who would replace a broken solar panel. When I found black platinum they had the part and installed within a week at a reasonble price. I would highly recommend them! Darien was on time, pleasant, and did a great job.

Sandra Martin
I would give them even more than 5-Stars if I could!

They are VERY professional, always arrive when they say they will, and take a Lot of pride in their work. They make sure they complete every little aspect of the job! I would recommend them Without The Slightest hesitation.

Gene Lee
John and his crew were the most honest and trustworthy contractors I have worked with and they do things right.

His crew has been with him for several years and the owner, John was there throughout the entire install.

I had kicked around the idea of solar for about two years, but every sales guy I talked to was just that, a salesman. None of them felt genuine and every one of them made me feel like I was somehow going to get screwed in the end. One talked to me about leasing, which I just can’t even comprehend the value aspect of that. After I stopped looking for several months, I talked with a neighbor who recently had solar installed. Compared to other neighbor’s with solar, his looked the most aesthetically appeasing. He had nothing but praise for Black Platinum. He gave me Black Platinums contact info and I contacted John shortly after. John discussed his company, the way he works, and gave me a ballpark estimate of the costs and amount of electricity I could produce. Over the next couple of days, he sent me several quotes for different sized systems. I then sat on it for a couple of weeks while I explored the value proposition. Not once did I feel pressured by him as I did my own research. Once I figured out my funding, I had already known Black Platinum was the easy decision for me.

Although I signed the contract with Black Platinum in late summer/early fall, I wanted to hold off the project until the end of the year so I could recoup some of my cash outlay in only a couple of months with the tax rebate. I’ve heard stories about APS taking forever approving the connection agreement, but he assured me it was probable that it would be done by the end of the year. He had a good relationship with APS.

They started with the rail mounts at the end of November and the LG panels and Enphase microinverters mid -December. The project was completed on time and approved by APS by the end of the month, exactly as we expected. No anxiety on my part whatsoever.

Now I work close to he and my wife was home majority of the time during the install and I can’t give enough praise about the crew and John. John always kept open communication with me via text/phone/email so I always knew the status of what was happening and the progress. Each one of his employees was easy going and fun to talk to. I felt comfortable providing them access to my garage while we were not there. John even slightly changed the design because he felt one section would be an eyesore while in the pool. Their install was clean and professional. Conduit to the breakers was run through the wall rather than outside. Microinverters are on each individual panel rather than one or two giant boxes mounted next to the breaker panel. It just looks professional. I watched another neighbor behind me go through an install with cheap looking panels installed by what looked like a bunch of high schoolers who walked all over the panels, conduit running down the outside of the wall… Total crap job. I could see footprints on their solar panels for months.

At the end, all broken roof tiles were replaced, the patch job on the drywall was perfectly matched, and we are generating electricity as expected. The app is pretty cool which shows my production and consumption, something which I am told is new from Enphase. I have nothing but good feelings about my experience with Black Platinum. I wish all contractors provided the same level of care and professionalism and managed my expectations as well as John and Black Platinum. It was truly a pleasure.

Chris Deaner

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