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Stay Connected to Your Solar Panels’ Performance

Transform Your Home with Enphase Solar Solutions

As a homeowner in the vibrant city of Phoenix, AZ, confronting the unpredictability of energy bills can feel like an endless battle. The sun showers your home with ample energy, yet harnessing this power efficiently often remains elusive. Black Platinum Solar & Electric is committed to transforming your solar experience by installing the leading Enphase Enlighten monitoring system.

Witness the shift from uncertainty to confidence as our Enphase Enlighten monitoring clarifies your solar panel system’s performance. With its intuitive interface and precise analytics, homeowners can track energy production and consumption in real time. This transparency leads to informed decisions, optimized energy use, and maximum utility bill savings, amplifying your investment in sustainable living.

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Don’t let your solar potential go untapped! Trust us to infuse your home with the intelligence of Enlighten monitoring by Enphase, a game-changer in solar energy management.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Solar Energy for Your Home

Phoenix's #1 Enphase Enlighten Monitoring Installer

As the #1 installer of Enphase systems in Phoenix, Black Platinum Solar & Electric is dedicated to providing the highest-quality service and technology. Our choice to exclusively install Enphase Enlighten monitoring systems stems from a commitment to excellence. Enphase’s industry-leading solar technology offers unparalleled solar performance monitoring, so your system operates consistently at peak performance.

The difference is in the details. Enphase monitoring systems deliver minute-by-minute tracking and analysis of your solar panels’ performance. This means issues can be identified and addressed swiftly, often before the homeowner notices any disruption. It’s not just about having solar panels. It’s about having a system that maintains optimal performance continually

Integrated Per-Module Monitoring

Enlighten automatically monitors the performance of every module in the system. No additional monitoring hardware or software is needed. Unlike third-party monitoring systems, which only monitor the inverter, Enlighten provides unprecedented visibility into the performance of every individual PV module.

Flexible Views

The Enlighten website provides harvest information in various forms, including summary views, totals by day, week, month, or lifetime, and time-lapse motion summaries, for both the entire array and individual modules. This richness of data collected from each module helps you troubleshoot and verify your solar system’s performance.


Enlighten continuously monitors the solar power system’s performance and highlights any deviation in performance by comparing the harvest of individual modules to the harvest of surrounding modules. Customers can receive an alert upon certain conditions so that problems can be addressed during routine maintenance or at the installer’s convenience.

FAQs About Enphase Enlighten Monitoring

Enphase Enlighten monitoring is highly compatible with various solar panel systems. Black Platinum Solar & Electric expertly integrates Enphase products with new or existing installations. Our specialists will evaluate your unique set-up and provide a customized solution for a harmonious integration of Enphase Enlighten monitoring with your solar panels.

Enphase Enlighten monitoring excels due to its depth of insight and user-friendly interface for solar management. Its capabilities for real-time performance tracking, profound insights into energy production and consumption, and fault detection offer a level of precision and control that other systems often do not rival.

Access your solar system’s data via Enphase Enlighten seamlessly with Black Platinum Solar & Electric’s installation service. Once your system is configured, you can log into the Enphase platform through a web browser or the mobile app to review real-time and historical data. Our team will assist you in comprehending this information and navigating through production levels, consumption patterns, and notifications, so you can effectively manage your solar investment.

Revolutionize Your Renewable Energy with Enphase

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