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Keep the Lights On with Solar Battery Backup

Premier Battery Backups For Homes in Phoenix

Keep the lights on and your appliances running smoothly with our state-of-the-art battery backup systems for your solar panels. Black Platinum Solar & Electric offers Phoenix residents a sustainable solution to maintain energy independence and make power outages a worry of the past. Our certified solar panel and EV charger installers in Phoenix, AZ are experts in integrating the best home battery backup systems with your existing solar array and home EV charger, elevating your home energy management to the next level.

As the sun sets in Phoenix, your battery storage/backup stores excess energy generated during the day. This home battery storage serves as a reserve, providing your house with a reliable backup battery for home use, no matter the demand. By choosing Black Platinum Solar & Electric, you’re not only investing in quality. You’re securing comfort and convenience for your whole household.

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Power Your Home, Rain or Shine

Power Your Dreams with Sun-Soaked Energy

Black Platinum Solar & Electric is synonymous with quality and expertise across Maricopa County. Our extensive experience as the go-to whole-home electrification company has enabled us to offer the best wall batteries, robust solar panels, and convenient EV chargers. Trust us to enhance your home’s energy efficiency with tailored solutions for a greener, self-sufficient lifestyle.

Extended Power During Outages

When the grid goes down, your home battery storage kicks into gear, providing uninterrupted power for your essential needs and confidence that your home will remain operational when you need it most.

Energy Cost Savings

With solar batteries for home systems, you use more of the solar energy you produce, decreasing your dependence on the grid and reducing your energy bills. It’s a smart choice for both your wallet and the environment.

Optimized Solar Usage

Battery backup systems allow you to get the most out of your solar panels and EV charger. They capture the abundance of daytime energy, making it available at night or during peak demand times when energy costs are at their highest.

Light up Your Home with the Sun's Energy

How a Home Battery Backup System Works

Handle blackouts without stress when you install a home power battery backup. Our systems quietly, yet, efficiently step in to keep your vital home systems operational. The transition from solar to storage is so seamless that you might never notice the power grid was down.

It’s not just about keeping the lights on. Our backup batteries for homes in Phoenix, AZ are smart. By adapting to your energy usage, the electric grid, and solar production, they give you the most efficient energy management possible.

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FAQs About Battery Storage & Backup

Yes. A solar system with a battery storage backup can provide power during a power outage. When the grid goes down, the system switches to use the stored energy in the backup battery, keeping your home powered. Black Platinum Solar & Electric specializes in integrating these advanced battery storage systems with solar panels, offering you peace of mind and reliability during outages.

The duration a battery storage system can power your home depends on several factors, including the battery’s capacity and your home’s energy consumption. Typically, a well-sized system from Black Platinum Solar & Electric can keep critical appliances running for 24 hours or more without grid power, guaranteeing your essential needs are met during outages.

Modern solar battery storage systems are equipped with monitoring technology that allows you to track your energy production, storage, and consumption in real time. With systems installed by Black Platinum Solar & Electric, you can effortlessly monitor your home’s energy metrics through user-friendly apps that keep you well-informed and up-to-date on your energy independence journey.

Transform Your Roof into a Personal Power Plant

Get Uninterrupted Energy with the Best Home Battery Backups

Embrace the future with our expertly installed solar panel systems, complemented by robust home battery solutions. Contact Black Platinum Solar & Electric, Let us provide you with a personalized estimate and help you step forward into a new era of energy independence. Your solar journey starts here—join the myriad of satisfied homeowners in Phoenix who have turned to us for their solar needs.

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