Enphase Enlighten Monitoring Service

Enphase Enlighten Monitoring Service

Another compelling piece of the Enphase story is the Enlighten monitoring and analysis system that gives you up-to-date information on the system as well as on each module within the system. The web-enabled, real-time platform constantly collects your PV system data. The information is instantly transmitted from the PV system via powerline, then converted through a communications gateway and sent via broadband connection to the server.

You can use the View pane to observe the full array at the system level. Then focus on each module to check its temperature, voltage, current, power...even the energy produced. And because Black Platinum Solar & Electric, LLC is also monitoring your PV system and receiving alerts, you know you're in good hands.

Why We Like Enphase Enlighten Monitoring

With Enlighten monitoring, you'll always know the status of your PV system. Instant alerts give you peace of mind. You can even monitor and receive alerts to your smart phone. And now Enlighten monitoring is provided free of charge for the lifetime of the system! These are a few of the Enlighten advantages:

Integrated Per-module Monitoring

Enlighten automatically monitors the performance of every module in the system. No additional monitoring hardware or software is needed. Unlike third-party monitoring systems, which only monitor the inverter, Enlighten provides unprecedented visibility into the performance of every individual PV module.

Flexible Views

The Enlighten website provides harvest information in various forms-including summary views, totals by day/week/month/lifetime, and time-lapse motion summary-both for the entire array and individual modules. This richness of data collected from each module helps the owner troubleshoot and verify the solar system performance.


Enlighten is continuously monitoring the performance of the solar power system and will highlight any deviation in performance by comparing the harvest of individual modules to the harvest of surrounding modules. Customers can choose to be sent an alert upon certain conditions, and problems can be addressed either during routine maintenance or at the installer's convenience.

From the Enlighten website, both Enphase installers and their customers can monitor and manage their solar power systems 24 hours a day. The Enlighten website provides a wide range of information on the performance of the solar power system and individual modules. A graphical representation of the solar array provides "at a glance" information on the status of each module. More detailed information, including current and lifetime performance metrics, give users a true view of the benefits of the solar energy installation.

Watch the video below to learn exactly how the Enphase Enlighten Monitoring and Analytics system works.

The Enphase Enlighten website works in conjunction with the Enphase Microinverters and the Envoy communications gateway to give you the ability to monitor the performance of your PV system 24/7.

As your installer, rest assured that Black Platinum Solar takes customer support seriously. We will regularly monitor your system's performance via Enlighten, and if we spot a problem or irregularity, we'll contact you immediately.

Click on this screen to see Black Platinum Solar customer Stephen Buchwalter's Enphase Enlighten monitoring system perform in real time.

We'd like you observe the Enphase Enlighten monitoring and analytics perform in real time. By CLICKING THIS LINK or the screen shot above, you can see for yourself just how easy it is to know how your PV system working 24/7/365. This is a link to a Black Platinum Solar customer's PV system. You can see current readings, check charts and graphs for performance over the lifetime of the system's activity. Note too the environmental data on energy produced and carbon offset accumulated.

When Black Platinum Solar installs your PV system, you automatically receive lifetime access to the Enlighten Monitoring and Analysis services.