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Best Solar Panel & EV Charger

Whole-Home Electrification in Peoria

Transform Sunshine into Savings

Excellence in Solar & EV Charger Installation in Peoria

Imagine your home seamlessly powered by the sun, with every device fueled by clean, efficient energy. Whole-home electrification is the gateway to this reality, integrating solar panels, advanced battery packs, and EV charging solutions to create a cohesive system. Black Platinum Solar & Electric guides homeowners in Peoria through this transformation to a greener, more cost-effective lifestyle.

Whole-home electrification lets you wield control over your energy use, turning your living space into a bastion of sustainability. With EV chargers, solar panels, and powerful battery backups your home becomes its own independent energy entity, immune to the unpredictability of the grid. Additionally, incorporating a Level 2 EV charger elevates your home’s functionality by providing fast, efficient EV charging, all while increasing its property value.

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Make Every Day Earth Day with Solar & EV Chargers

Get Expert Advice on Electrification Solutions For Your Peoria Home

With vast experience installing top-quality solar panels and EV chargers in Peoria, our expertise is unmatched. Black Platinum Solar & Electric’s team designs and implements systems that capture the essence of your property, complement its architecture, and maximize solar potential.

Our versatility enables us to work with various property types, from majestic estates to modern urban dwellings. We carefully listen, plan, and execute a bespoke solution for every homeowner in Peoria. No matter the challenge, our goal remains to provide top-rated solar panels and install home EV chargers that last.

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